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Table steady and eyes fixed

Her lip stick is neon pink
The dealer lays out the boogie jive
In a winning routine of blood lines
Rushing five card routines.

A Zambian in an anchor club jean jacket
sings a gospel
Fine tuned outside the dollarama

Lord give me a little bit of freedom for my walking
Through the turnstiles of strife
I am tired of polishing useless nickels 
Stacking broken bricks that won't fit 

Being a Mortal without the mortar
Skipping service for a pile of chips.

Stretch the universe
Stretch the universe
Stretch the universe

A baby colt billboard
Dog days in diamond

Spectators of high losses
Mini malls and fashion victims

Electoral decisions
to calm the swell
They are all under the spell

When they think they can't fail

Tail end on foreclosure street
Radio between the channels
No station identity

The fuzz in a white noise heat

Hollowing out the horn of plenty.

Francis A Willey
August 15 2013.

Hit me with a blackjack