• Artwork of the week

    Artwork of the week

    Congratulations to Francis!

    Bronze Winner in Fine
    Art for his Series, The Fragile World, at PX3, The Prix de la Photographie, Paris 2020

    The article in PhotoEd Magazine Winter 20/21 titled, Francis A. Willey's "Blindness" - The Surprising Story of a Single Frame of Film by Kerry Manders

    Longing of a Ghost
    Carbon print on fiber paper - 19" x 13"


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  • Pandemic poems|Canadian poets on the present

    Pandemic poems|Canadian poets on the present

    Calgary Press Release for Pandemic Poems
    For Immediate Release
    Nov. 18, 2020
    Canadian Poets Ponder the Pandemic: A New Poetry Anthology Coming This Fall
    Hold your horses Calgary! There’s a gorgeous new poetry anthology riding into town.
    Pandemic Poems, edited by writer, translator, and classics professor Dr. Kevin Solez, presents pandemic-themed reflections by forty-nine different poets from across Canada.
    The anthology features fabulous writing from our wonderful Poet Laureate Emerita Sheri-DWilson, author of A Love Letter to Emily C, winner of the City of Calgary Arts Award, and two-time winner for the Best of Calgary poet award. Also featured are local poets CobraCollins , KirkMiles, and FrancisAWilley, co-founder of the photography magazine SEITIES, whose work has appeared on VogueItalia and has been shown around the world Exhibitions Christian Bök, FRSC, formerly of the University of Calgary and author of Griffin Poetry prize-winning Eunoia contributes his poem “Language is a Virus from Outer Space.” We hear also from the beating heart of the Calgary literary scene, playwright and novelist EugeneStickland, author of Queen Lear and Some Assembly Required.
    Enjoy these authors and many more as they contemplate the world-changing global health crisis we all find ourselves in and the variety of ways people have learned to cope with all the changes the pandemic has brought to daily life.
    For further information on upcoming Pandemic Poems events, or to order a copy of the anthology, please visit the website: Pandemicpoems
    Further information is also available at Pandemic_poems
    As well as being available to order online as a book and ebook, Pandemic Poems is available at Shelf Life Books Pandemicpoems in Calgary. The book is published by Kendall Hunt Higher Education publishing and the price is $45.
    Kevin Solez will be in Calgary on the weekend of Nov. 21-22, conducting socially distanced interviews with poets in the collection and recording some video readings at Calgary landmarks. Kevin is available for telephone, online, or in-person interviews. Please contact kevin_solez@hotmail.com

    Front and back cover art by Francis A. Willey

  • PhotoEd Winter 2020: Beautiful B&W #60

    PhotoEd Winter 2020: Beautiful B&W #60

    Winter 2020: Beautiful B&W #60

    The B&W issue celebrates 20 YEARS in PRINT!

    Issue #60!

    Rosalie Favell - Facing the Camera
    Photography as a Gift By Ruth Bergen Braun
    Matt Williams’ Two Rivers
    Kamelia Pezeshki - Attention to detail
    Francis A. Willey’s “Blindness” By Kerry Manders Kerry_Manders
    Jessica Deeks GIRLS+ ROCK OTTAWA
    Christine Fitzgerald - A fierce and ordinary reality By Brandy Ryan
    Karolina Kuras - Romance, flight, & fluidity By Mark Walton
    Ally Gonzalo BAKLA! By Michelle Joseph
    Kate Roy - Affinity


    Cover by Karolina Kuras

  • 3rd prize in Paris

    3rd prize in Paris


    One of my favourite photography competitions in Paris, has awarded me 3rd place in fine art for my series-'This fragile world'. I am thrilled to be selected among many inspiring artists from around the world. @px3 #px3 #filmphotography #35mm #fineart #fragileworld #paris

  • Now represented by The Collectors gallery of art in Calgary

    Now represented by The Collectors gallery of art in Calgary
  • manyeyescity


    check out this artist's work

  • New Forum Magazine

    New Forum Magazine

    Order Issue 2 of New Forum Magazine. My 35mm image, 'Lady Iliad' graces the cover, glad to be part of this publication that features poetry, short stories, creative non-fiction, and artwork from Alberta writers and artists. This issue includes the winner of the inaugural Flash Fiction Contest!

    To order click link below:


  • Calgary Gallery Representation

    Calgary Gallery Representation

    Now represented by The Collectors' Gallery of fine Canadian art in Calgary, Alberta.

    Excited about this next journey.




  • Vaughan


    In memory of my friend Vaughan Oliver


  • Vampire Bridal Party

    Vampire Bridal Party

    New film score piece

    Vampire Bridal Party

  • new solo piano composition-Light in the window

    new solo piano composition-Light in the window

    From the forthcoming new album of unreleased demos- TBA June 2019.
    Light in the window- Solo piano


  • Exposing “Identity” at Mount Royal Exposure Festival exhibit

    Exposing “Identity” at Mount Royal Exposure Festival exhibit


    Francis A. Willey presents pieces from his series inclusionists which includes themes of gender roles and freedom of expression.

    Francis Willey is a self-taught, traditional 35mm film photographer. Willey’s three images feature drag artists and are part of his ongoing series titled ‘inclusionists.’

    Willey believes that everyone should have the right to express personal identity. “I touch upon gender roles, rights and freedoms to express and build confidences, change stereotypes and build transformative feelings. Drag queens and kings personify freedom of expression through performance and persona with reversed gender roles.”

    Willey hopes that people will experience the MRU exhibition, which can hopefully help expand personal horizons and depth of compassion, support the arts and celebrate photography.

    The group exhibition is Mount Royal’s contribution to Exposure Alberta’s only photography festival, now in its 15th year. Exposure hosts over 30,000 attendees annually, with most events free and open to the public. This is the second year that MRU has taken part, after Curtis Desiatnyk, manager of Insurance and Risk at Mount Royal and long-time member (now chair) of the University Art Committee, took the initiative last year to organize and curate an exhibit around the theme of Reconciliation, which featured Indigenous photographers and poets.

    From Reconciliation to Identity

  • MOUNT ROYAL UNIVERSITY Identity Group exhibition

    MOUNT ROYAL UNIVERSITY Identity Group exhibition

    Group exhibition
    Exhibition dates: February 7, 2019 - January 31, 2020
    Opening reception: February 7, 3pm

    ‘Identity’ is a photographic exploration of identity through individuality, conformism, the swinging pendulum of societal expectation, and cultural norm. This exhibition investigates the hope of discovering identity and acceptance of self by simultaneously striping away, layering, and absorbing the world around us.

    Curated by Curtis (Dez) Desiatnyk, ‘Identity’ features work by Sanja Lukac, Kaitlin Moerman, Ellen FitzGerald Reichbart, and Francis Willey.

    Gallery hours:
    Mon - Sun: 7am - 10pm

    Mo B.Dick

  • Kodak One

    Kodak One

    This is an amazing example as to why the KODAKOne platform was conceived. "There should be recognition of the creator of the work. Images should be protected." Francis A. Willey, 35mm photographer.


  • Exposure photography festival

    Exposure photography festival
  • Seities 10th Anniversary Publication Launch Sun 5 PM · Shelf Life Books

     Seities 10th Anniversary Publication Launch Sun 5 PM · Shelf Life Books

    Seities 10th Anniversary Publication Launch

    Feb 17th 2019-Sun 5 PM · Shelf Life Books



  • Exposure Festival- Oracles of Nature

    Exposure Festival- Oracles of Nature

    Location: Arts commons

    Window Galleries (across from Max Bell Theatre in Arts Commons)
    Dates: December 7, 2018 - March 1, 2019
    Artist Reception: Friday, March 1, 2019

    ‘This series pays tribute to the divine woman, an indispensable condition of the highest beauty. Representing the oracle, the mother, or the feminine goddess, an iconographical figure offering spiritual guidance and healing.

    These seers appear as mystics in nature translated onto 35mm colour film, and each conveys the feminine as the oracle, the sister, the ghost, the warrior, and the elemental grandeur.

    This diversity, strength, and wisdom are what profoundly inspires courage and freedom in this tumultuous world.

  • The Storytelling project

    The Storytelling project


    Francis A. Willey
    Local photographer learned firsthand the blessing and the curse of digital culture-STEPHEN HUNT

  • Robins

  • New film music

    New film music

    new film music
    June 1 2018

    Laughter and sadness

  • Francis A. Willey (Live at CJSW 360)

    Francis A. Willey (Live at CJSW 360)
  • Series of dreams

    Series of dreams




    Series of Dreams

    Russell Joslin references work curated over 17 years as Publisher & Editor of Shots magazine to create a uniquely poetic and conceptually unified collection of imagery which simultaneously comforts, challenges, and delights the viewer. This beautifully printed volume includes 157 striking and memorable works from Joslin’s 68 issues of the magazine. Meticulously sown images are divided into thought-provoking and luscious chapters, but it is much more than a “best of” anthology. Elaborating on the surrealist sensibilities of Joslin’s Black Forest [Candela Books, 2014], Series of Dreams achieves an elusive balance between the humane and the ethereal; that rare and magical aesthetic that lets us experience the universal nature of dreaming while acknowledging the highly personal experience of one’s own dreams. The work of each artist is celebrated and allowed to breathe, each image recognized for its beauty and mystery; this, while the work of Joslin – through his deliberate and purposeful selection and sequencing – offers a sense of community and cohesion.

    Series of Dreams is the debut title of Skeleton Key Press, a new voice in contemporary art publishing. A complete list of contributing artists and photos of the book follows.

    * * *

    "It is Russell Joslin's breathtaking ability to source, to see, to recognize photography that transcends reiteration to become Art, yes, and further to describe Beauty—Beauty as profound and nuanced as kindness is—which defined his 17 year tenure as editor of Shots and is here distilled into intoxicating lucidity." –Sally Mars, from the foreword of Series of Dreams

    * * *

    Published by Skeleton Key Press, February 2018
    ISBN 978-0-9997553-0-3
    9 x 11 in (23 x 28 cm)
    Hardbound, 192 pp
    Designed by Russell Joslin
    Foreword by Sally Mars
    Interview with Russell Joslin

    Contributing artists: Geoffrey Agrons, Jane Fulton Alt, Dave Anderson, Richard Ansett, Éric Antoine, Angela Bacon-Kidwell, Roger Ballen, Allan Barnes, Allison Barnes, Douglas Beasley, Peter Sumner Walton Bellamy, Rita Bernstein, Anne Berry, Julie Blackmon, B.A. Bosaiya, Jeremey Bot, Velibor Božovic, Matthieu Brouillard, Joscha Bruckert, Susan Burnstine, Debbie Fleming Caffery, Rebecca Cairns, Catherine Cameron, Tom Chambers, Polly Chandler, Chang Chao-Tang, Colleen Longo Collins, Monica Denevan, Maggie Diaz, Gina Easley, Smith Eliot, Janieta Eyre, Torkil Færø, Gloria Baker Feinstein, Tobias Feltus and Joseph Feltus (FeltusFeltus), Teresa Flowers, Roman Franc, Susan Friedman, Valerie Galloway, Rimma Gerlovina and Valeriy Gerlovin, Carol Golemboski, Elijah Gowin, Scarlett Hooft Graafland, Brigitte Grignet, Robin Hann, Kip Harris, Cig Harvey, Anna Hayat and Slava Pirsky, Cornelia Hediger, Øyvind Hjelmen, Josef Hoflehner, Eirik Holmøyvik, Kazha Imura, Amy James, Olivia Johnston, Russell Joslin, Bastian Kalous, Keymo, Ghada Khunji, Kevin Kline and Bruce Schultz, Viktor Kolář, Antigone Kourakou, Mariya Kozhanova, George Krause, Aëla Labbé, Alain Laboile, Louviere+Vanessa, EJ Major, Igor Malijevský, Isa Marcelli, Brittany Markert, Sally Mars, Sayaka Maruyama, Edith Maybin, Anne Arden McDonald, Julie Meridian, Bridget Murphy Milligan, Arno Rafael Minkkinen, Beth Moon, Jeff Moorfoot, Robert Moran, Shelly Mosman, Celeste Nelms, Suk Kuhn Oh, Louie Palu, Lydia Panas, Edoardo Pasero, Sean Perry, Ivan Pinkava, Agafia Polynchuk, Douglas Prince, Jacqueline Roberts, Ellen Rogers, William Ropp, Ken Rosenthal, Ed Ross, Sebastian Rut, Steve Schapiro, Nashalina Schrape, Larry Schwarm, Robin Schwartz, Deb Schwedhelm, Lauren Semivan, Jennifer Shaw, J. Shimon & J. Lindemann, Erica Shires, Elizabeth Siegfried, Lauren E. Simonutti, Kristen and Mark Sink, Vojtěch V. Sláma, Aline Smithson, Tone Elin Solholm, Daniel Southard, Vee Speers, Bjørn Sterri, Gordon Stettinius, Håkan Strand, Maura Sullivan, Darla Teagarden, Heiko Tiemann, Sylvie Tillmann, Alexey Titarenko, Pavel Titovich, Ana Tornel, Arthur Tress, Rod Tuach, Bill Vaccaro, Tom Van de Ven, Alexander Veledzimovich, Doifel Videla, Oleg Videnin, Lori Vrba, Garie Waltzer, Helen Warner, Hiroshi Watanabe, Donata Wenders, James Wigger, Francis A. Willey, Michael Wilson, Vanessa Winship, Marc Yankus, Shigeki Yoshida


  • The Tempest

    The Tempest
  • When we loved

    When we loved

    When we loved:: Solo Piano by Francis A Willey

    Cover painting by Maia Adriana Reinking


  • modern and contemporary photography at jeschke van vliet in Berlin, Germany. Auktion 117 / Auction 117- catalog 29. September 2017 / September 29th 2017

    modern and contemporary photography at jeschke van vliet in Berlin, Germany. Auktion 117 / Auction 117- catalog 29. September 2017 / September 29th 2017

    Feel fortunate to have my images part of this fine art auction :: Ghost Poetry & The romance of Dante and Beatrice will be part of the moderne and zeitgenössische fotografie / modern and contemporary photography at jeschke van vliet in Berlin, Germany.
    Auktion 117 / Auction 117- catalog
    29. September 2017 / September 29th 2017
    Beginn 15 Uhr, Start at 3 pm
    Moderne und zeitgenössische Kunst, Moderne Photographie, Alte Gemälde, Antiquitäten
    Modern and contemporary Art, Modern Photography, Old Paintings, Antiques

    jeschke van vliet
    #jeschkevanvliet #invaluable #conteporaryart #berlin #kunst #francisawilley #35mm https://m.facebook.com/jeschkevanvliet/
    #auctions #blacknwhite #filmphotography #editions @ Berlin, Germany