Francis A. Willey


Francis A Willey is a self-taught artist.


“Francis is one of my favorite contemporary photographers. His lovely, ethereal, but also very real images show us the magic and mystery can be found in our modern world. We just need to know where to look.” Dr.Theodora Goss(Senior Lecturer at Boston University. MFA/Ph.D. Boston University.) 

"Francis Willey is a true artist; the strength of vision he brings to his work is rarely seen in contemporary photography. Through both his art and his interactions, Francis shines a light into an often dark and unforgiving world."-
Sienna Hayes(Model and Aerialist)

"Francis places the poetry into the photography"- Paul Kelly (Director)

"It's truly beautiful and legitimizes photography as an art. With all the trashy "fashion photography" floating around and unexciting commercial stuff that I do on a regular basis for magazines and print, I've forgotten why I even like to be photographed at all. Your work has just reminded me that it's because once in a great while there's a chance to be part of the creation of an image like yours, where a woman's body or face can be sexy in a softer, subtle way rather than so harshly presented as an object. So thanks."
Christine Donlon
(Actress and Writer)

“I have no words, upon seeing blindness”
Alexander McQueen (Fashion Designer)

“I like how your head works”
Douglas Kirkland (Photographer)

"Francis, I might not know from where the cold wind blows, but I know what I like and I dig your work. You can take that to the bank on your way mental baby! Don't go, Don't go yet, it's wonderful stuff."
Christopher Walken (American actor, dancer, director, screenwriter, and playwright)

His work has been exhibited, published, and internationally awarded. In NYC, Los Angeles, Berlin, Paris, and Italy, his photographs are collected internationally and are part of the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Art. His photographic book 'Ghost' was awarded 3rd prize in Paris at the PX3 awards in the fine art book category.

Blindness has caused political and social reverberation, through the deliberate appropriation of the image in a multitude of cultures, countries, and religions worldwide.

He is currently represented by Kodakone & Art+Commerce Agency NYC / Vogue Italia


Francis A. Willey Francis A. Willey Canadian (Born, July 21st, 1969) Autodidact, 35mm film photographer.
He received his first KODAK camera when he was 12 years old from his mother June. The first frame ever captured with the aperture of his camera was a portrait of his mother.
He believes that a deeper, more compassionate culture can be created through the arts. As an outsider artist, he has always been questing for and seeking refuge in a higher beauty.
Francis composes ballads and poems, creates collages, and draws from life's observations, images with ink on paper. His school was the value of nature and dreams, people, intuition, that one develops by sharing empathy.
His extended travels to Southeast Asia and the Himalayas had an enormous influence on his art in the '90s. During these wanderings, a spiritual depth increased in his work, as he lived in monasteries and with local families.
In February 2011 he lost a tremendous amount to a tragic house fire that destroyed his home and his art, and most of his photographic negatives. The flames took his 35mm film cameras, darkroom, drawings, and his worldly possessions. Some of the images in the following galleries are what remain.

Ghost is his journey into the psyche and soul and shroud of humankind. Personal experiences and visitations with ghosts and angels, spectral beings. He is deeply fascinated by historical textiles and fabrics and fashion and uses these materials to wrap and adorn the body.
To create images that have depth in their storytelling.