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Inner lights production

INNER LIGHTS (Inner Lights) Patos


Production: PATOS Smederevo
Co-producer: DIS Banja Luka

Directed by: Vladislav Nesic
Sound design: Ljuban Ninković

Assistants: Ivana Stevovic and Katarina Pendic
Contributors to the script: Danijela Vida, actress and Mina Sablić, dramaturg

The play inspired by the texts of Slobodan Stankovic, Mare Ožegović, Miloš Pržić, Marko Cvetković, Danijela Stojković

Author of monologues: Slobodan Stankovic Accordion: Milos Pržic

Chorus: Chamber Choir Rok SiMfonija Banja Luka, conductor: Dušan Urošević

They play: Ada Vera Petkovic, Dragan Dzeletovic, Dunja Petkovic, Filip Bancov, Ivana Jovanovic, Ivana Radulovic, Ivona Mitic, Kaca Zdravkovic, Katarina Pendic, Marija Stevanovic, Nevena Gacic, Pavle Sakic and Vukosava Lazic.

Duration: 35 minutes

play is played for 24 visitors
(mandatory reservation of tickets)

"From us, maybe once we shine an inner light, and then other lights will not be needed." J.V. Goethe


The theater, as a medium, relies heavily on all our senses. The viewer receives messages from the scene through various senses, while performers try to bridge the gap between the imaginary world of the theater and the real one on a "safe" distance, among the seats of the audience. In the play "Inner Light", the observer becomes part of the scene and is an active participant in everything that takes place on it. The audience of this performance uses all the other senses, except for one, the most important for the theater: the senses of the sight. Through the play, this handicap turns into an advantage, and the audience views the show through all the other senses. By working with blind people Vladislav Nesic came to the material that turned him into an experimental trip on the scene.

The Youth Theater PATOS (Movement of Aleternational Youth Theater Smederevo) was founded in 1986. PATOS also has classic works in its repertoire, but initially each performance carries an experiment and a small theatrical revolution. It brings together young theater practitioners (professional actors, art students, and teenagers) around research and experimental theater projects, often realized in cooperation or partnership with professional theaters and art associations and groups in the country and abroad.

info: 051 92 55 99/060 360 2111