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I saw you wandering the street of dreams and we embraced as old friends.
Talked about the celebration of life,
And the shimmering pools reflecting the music.

You were joking holding your champagne glass
upside down and thanking the academy,

For this award
Under a memorable moon.

I knew you were always a star.

Even in the awkward way you walked
Outside the record store

You would walk all directions in a circle
Until you were re- aquatinted with
The people that knew you
For the lamp light inside

Your curly hair was like Tesla coils, or swaying floral fields
The top of marigolds.

That’s when I found the ring watch with pears
On the edge of the highway while driving

Sparkled in the corner of my eye.

Reaching out the window as the car slowed
To pull it from the loose gravel and

These were some of the thoughts I had,
Before everyone gathered amongst
the nebulas.

In their final farewells,

Each of us sharing the stories
Of the living,
The laughter that echoed and made the birds


Even though we were upright and I spread out

the articles on a table for the fanfare.

Was there ever enough gifts to share?

Trinkets of affections
Bobbles and shiny things,

Fame and rearranging of the

As poets we glean upon time like a rare prism,
Spreading the love like a rainbow bridge to each other.

We have to keep meeting like this in the bliss,
The foamy swarthy cloud air,
That mingled on our skin,

Like garments.

I ordered the banana spread on bread
For nourishment but asked them
to refrigerate it.

Joked about time and the essence of cravings and cost of living and

Was it worth it?

We only have so many chances on the wheel of fortune

As it spins wildly
Each space lands on


Francis A Willey
August 22 2023

Wandering the street of dreams