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The coat is larger than the passion

This oversized coat is too large for my passion.
Fashion is always exaggerated but when I feel something more of the less I need to be wound tightly.
As I climb the ladder to the troposphere,

My head in the clouds
Fluffy woollen collar
Down filled
Protection buffers.

I see that you are no where to be found
On this boulevard of dreams.

All the cafes and restaurants have no recollection of you being
Or existing in the real

Am I just reliving a memory as a small curator
In the minds eye that gathers more
Enlightenment as we age

Lustre glazes
Over ceramics and urns
And we learn the cracks in the pots

Soil letters
Spread on mosaics

Sharp tile piercing the estranged red balloon
As the mothers at the patio table
Talk about true crime Docuseries that they
Can’t get enough of

As the sharp steak knife plummets
To the cobblestone

Fresh blood is spilled somewhere

While chateau D’eau
Plays on a mid century radio.

The sharpest sale today on high heals
Puffer vest with a tear under the pocket

Dirty money rolls from useless pockets

Modification on the drop dead gorgeous
Not into nidification

Efficacious discussion like bird warbling
Defines its boundaries

Chimera chatters and children splatter the puddles

Eventually you leave the ephemera in
Roseate glasses
Optimistic and pinkish


Hot air
Not prone to blending
This reality to the thin air


Or be an eagles nest
Without distress.

Francis A Willey

March 12th 2023

The coat is larger than the passion