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I go on social media and no one loves me as the child I was
In the past

Not so much.

Somehow it’s all a half opened hand
Glitch like fumbling
No thumb and a
clenched fist
A bunch of fingers
Carving reality
Into empathy.

The Alley blows gasoline smoke
And I choke

It slows the mist

Two almost kissing
And losing
how we keep missing each other

In the

A lot of people

Plenty of fish

You had a minnow

Innocent and
A mirror
Without fears

A wild
nebula in your eye.

And cheated life
When you
Furrowed in

Death in the rough
And had almost just enough.

Don’t get me started on the past

When the present is already

A entire wardrobe

Things material on a shelf
Dusty and forgotten
Fabric of this
And that

Having and not wanting
Not showing up at


Being a pillar of society

Being a human being that

In 3rd eye
And 4th eye
Sometimes 5th eye

A galaxy

A pool for thinking
A bit better
In healing

A better life for all

To see each other

Star between star
Hopes and dreams
And all In between

Visible for all to see

It’s just me- your friend

Saying hello

Birds sometimes soaring reflected
In the dirty pools we muddied

Without knowing the mess we made.

Francis A Willey
March 22 2023

I get blown up