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(Catch the A minor train)

We gathered all the cd’s and records and organized them in the wagon
We watered the horses and headed to the station.
The horses were put on a car and the wagon
With the luggage.

This was after we transplanted the ferns and finished the landscaping
So the sun could reach all the plants in cycles

Throughout the day.

We entered the passenger car and talked about the adventure ahead of us
We arrived at sunset and the light was golden

All the music we owned was with us
The horses like the dirt roads so we took those into the city

Hooves carving and thumping

The buildings were rapt with stories of shortcomings and struggles.
Facades of tin and plaster

This land was rugged and raw but we were still
A spectacle as most drove motor cars or motorcycles.

We found a place to hitch the horse and walked in search of food and drink.
We had several hours before we met the shopkeeper for the celebrations of sound.

World music day.

Paul was anxious to find new albums for the occasion
We thought bringing our entire collection would show our dedication

To the notes all written and scored.

When we arrived the room was clamouring
And Duke Ellington was playing in the back

A new technology that was holographic AI treatments
Any song that was recorded from any recording session could be re- enacted.

It was all particles in the light
But the light would take shape and have form
And fashion and you could smell bergamot and tweed and brass and whisky in crystal.

Everything heightened your senses.

We came back to see that people thought our music was free for the taking as we had no signage or security and this saddened us that left our music memory in fragments.

We departed and went out to the street to the horses and headed back to the station.

The trees become crystallized and chimed in the wind
Some strange simulation and the stars themselves would create movements in music

An adagio or a rondo.

The moon had a droning wild call that would resonate over all sound

Circular in spheres of sound

We sat on the platform and realized that our donation to music opened the


We saw they had a train station hotel where a whole team would switch your room to another in under 3 minutes
The were called the 180

We talked about how many times we would request to switch rooms

To hone their talents
To challenge the speed of the cycles
Of living but also to show
almost a pause

This magnificent moment that
All aura and light and sound had no fingers
In percussiveness.

Where we had our own

Francis A Willey


March 11

(Catch the A minor train)