Film Photography > Poetry

There is a side door covered with velvet and plaster - that is embellished in a large image seamlessly.
you are guided by a man in glasses that knew someone in the building as they archived a movie timeline from 1920’s-1930’s

The floor of the roof attic seems to have swallowed up Art Deco furniture and German projectors,.
Like magma sculptures in alabaster.

Silent witnesses to decades before now
But is the now the future in this dream,

Or have I crossed over into a
glimmering future?

The posters are curled on the edges
And the tables have scrolling details.

I’m left with my duct tape patched denims and a tuxedo shirt and a carriage with a antique doll of porcelain
And have to cross an 8 lane highway and make my way

Back to an office that I temp at.

The passage back is harrowing over concrete and gravel and dust.

Making my way to a large souvenir shop where they also sell ice cream

And cheap trinkets to put on your keychains

I leave the doll in the corner, feeling it blends with this decorum

Chimpanzees with binoculars and movie clapperboards made of moulded plastic
Ruby eyed skulls and airplanes on strings

For a child’s imagination to run free.

I find the last train to the office

The newspapers are caught in a quixotic tunnel of wind

Spinning before the bullet train arrives.

Secret tour of the attic of an old theatre (office supplies)