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(comedy writers dream)
(local bar and place where you buy camping gear)

Three comedians working with one comedian that got the game trouble and other games to write a bit,

A comedy sketch
To use games as tools to formulate ideas with other writers.

Change the rules is the reality
The task to the challenge
In writing something funny.

The head of the comedy show SNL Lorne Michaels
Gives the new guy the game frustration the game that pops up with a timer.

Maybe it’s called perfection
Less than a minute to make it funny

As a test to write a good joke

Instead of putting all the pieces back before the timer runs out he puts numbers on top,
With a sharpie.

He writes random numbers in no sequence.
Underneath each shape is a scenario on a tiny piece of crumpled paper,
that another writer has to write a joke around the situation,
To make someone laugh.

In his research he watches a female comic
Film a bee taking care of three baby birds.

Another comic is in a sports bar where,
Men talk about being well hung
Men men
oversexed men.

They put one guy in a sleeping bag with a snorkel mask and say,
it’s a snake inside
and laugh uproariously

Zipping up the bag.

As he frantically tries to escape
The bag that looks like a green snake itself.

And they all leap out of the way
Revenge can't be that funny
primordial snickering
and chortling.

But don’t hurt anyone in your delivery
Of humour.

Don’t be sketchy men
Be sharp writers.

While two sketch writers nervously shake there
Icy drinks
And shrink in their seats

Defeated by a failed attempt
Helps you rewrite
The better scenario.

8 women already have 16 jokes in the same time frame without,
Sexual innuendos.

With a deep voice you have to say it’s Tony shark
Over and over in front of the camera till
Someone makes the best hype voice.

9 takes of different people
Saying with their sexiest selling voice
Come down to Tony sharks.

To help sell margaritas and sporting goods
During the research before the comedy goes to television

All the comedians are wondering, what he is doing to write the best joke in his unconventional


They tell him it’s comedian party in room 23a
But no one will be there and also there is no rooms with A after the number 22.

It’s just an empty room
With a typewriter

Next to a laptop
And a pencil

And a stack of paper.

The young comedian keeps leaving yellow perfection pieces as clues for everyone to find,
As they want to all be stars of the show and steal his jokes.

But he is filming them in the process and that is the joke itself.

Why is the bee taking care of three baby birds

That’s absurd

As a kitten watches and bats at the screen
something for the goths>

But the female writer says that’s just what you
See through the window,

Before you get the whole shot in
For the viewer to get stuck to the screen

It has to be a gentle stinger.

Comedy has its quick gags and long hauls it’s either right there in a instant,
Or you are led to believe you’ve outwitted the writer as they string your mind along till the punchline.

During which you think you’ve already figured out the joke
But stringing you along os capturing the audience.

The whole time little jokes along the way
Like a trail of cookie pieces till you get to the bakery

Topped with sprinkles that are topical and tropical

Where you are roasted
In a well timed joke.

Tony shark joke