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It’s always a parade in the foray when we
Avoid the storms.
We skip paying for our bill at a buffet,
As the socialites come in fleets.
They will eat so much
They will be heavy on their feet.

Running together as the light shifts,
The sky a grey bubble with smoke and clouds
Gathered on its round glassy surface.

Something impending but not loud
Is occurring soon,
Foreboding and beautifully played,
Between the heavens and the earth
Right before event horizon.

I photograph you in this hazy shift of blue.
And our hearts runneth wild,
It’s all a kaleidoscope daydream.

A variation of string quartets
In the background
So we don’t forget.

We Find shelter and walk into the room filled
with instruments and odd objects,
Being sorted by a stranger.

He wants the old tube

He says -
The tenant moved out and didn’t pay rent
For years.

So the landlady is seizing all his musical
Instruments and possessions.

I give itsooaakii a ukulele,
And I lift up two stained glass parlour
Guitars without strings,
For myself.

Your smile is radiance
After the mist
and you are always missed.

I pull out a moveable brutalist sculpture
Centipede in is mobility,
Jagged metal that won’t cut you,
And place it on the concrete for
Someone to find,


Others wait to enter suite 7.
Sitting on the sidewalk under blankets
To keep warm.
We leave and I say I’ll return and pay
I promise I will not forget
You have my word.

We get into a old Chevrolet and drive right through
The doors of a diner.
People are laughing uproariously
At our comedy of truths.

Wheels on old carpets
Between the isles of those
Sipping joe.

Coffee to go I guess
leaning through,
The rolled down windows to order.

You place a turquoise ring on the dashboard for me,
As a thank you for the adventures and the
Future of music making.

I accept the ring carefully as I don’t want to
Make more of a spectacle.

Especially with you the main character
In this spotlight,
I’m just here in a role to support you.

They say you’ll be on the front page news now, with your little elegant sound maker.
As they are doing a story about the painter.
But you have made all the landscapes more

By just being.

Suite 7