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Seaside town travel with someone at the end of love.

Trying to pick up the pieces romantically by working together to change the facade of the town’s most favourite diner.

It’s a temporarily job for two to rebuild a connection while redesigning a attraction.
The go too place where the coffee is hot 24hours

And the booths are worn out
From where all the bodies moved gently in conversation.
While twirling a cup of joe.

Painting and collaging the door and the siding
Without changing everyone’s familiar.

The allure has to feel safe and cosy
Warm in a breaking storm.

Clamato juice can has to be the door handle with the hero’s face displayed in an old photograph on the front curving the aluminum.

She became a sports star, a war hero and rescue pilot that never married, that was also a film star, a leading man and a woman in dramatic rolls.

The character that drives tourism here
Even though there is the town rock and roll

Band that draws crowds from time to time.

Most locals know all the words to the music and you can hear the old fisherman fixing his nets whistling their last song
Before he goes out to sea to be with his make believe siren.

One member died on a long swim
so they are looking to fill his space but the band plays on and on
And dedicates an entire set to him each night.

You can go and walk for hours along the long stretches of sand each day,

There is a hidden beach where all the lovers go
Consummating new beginnings with a long kisses at sunset.

find your favourite seashell!
The ones hidden in the sand unrevealed
Are the most beautiful.

Just like ourselves the part of becoming is the Emerging and evolving
Gathering time as a identity and fashioning

A place that is your own
A place and a time where you serve right in the drama.

There are a few key figures in this story,
Guests in the evolving spectacle

Where the most dramatic scenes have one or three of them in a interplay
Of weaving the story.

Back to before the beginning and
To revealing partial prologues and cliff hangers.

The driftwood gathers each morning and strange objects and trinkets appear on the sand after every storm,

There was once a cargo ship that sank not too far off from
heartbreak bay.

These objects become symbols or talismans for some
There’s a love story of how someone found their engagement ring just as the lovers approached,

The place where the ring glistened like
A radiant symbol of eternal love.

We sort of gather objects that are inanimate
To use as armour
The stylized chair and the table
And the couch and the vase with garden

The passed on heirlooms
200 years of longing
To help with 53 years of belonging.

Some of these rarely shift positions once they find their home on table or in a special cabinet

The real estate heartbeat,

Internally part of your sensible design
As we age we let go of many things
Friends and keepsakes and try to reinvent
Ourselves to be in Rhythm again.

The lover is tempted by another and kisses a strangers lips in a busy part of the beach
And her partner slaps her gently saying
No more

We are finished.

Better now than later is most self prophesied

It just keeps spilling and
Carving away parts of us like the sand,
As The ocean pulls you away in the moonlight
Part by part.

Love is chaotic but it’s also the candle wick
Burning away the moments
Defining love is
destroying love.

With nurturing it can be your
Paradise bloom
and the full moon

that’s never missing.

Heartbreak bay