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Who am I
An artist
I come to bleed for culture ?

Ravens to fight with starlings
For influencing
And viral

A commentator commenting
On a scene
In-between the living and the dead

Murder podcast outcast
Homeless radio star
Starlet with a seem spilling threads

Diamonds on thin cords of lightning.

Some unusual traveller

Says to me
How far does it take a sentiment being to span a horizon in a dream?

In this realm
There are no deities

Death is
Am I already too late for me

Too much of nothing in search of something in the media stream
A ai folded sail boat in
A virtual game

The vampire bites me at midnight

While I scream and screen
the witching hour
An indie film

Maybe I can sell my art to the undead

Francis A Willey
August 30 2022

Bela Lugosi is my art dealer