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(Eve Erdell)

The magnetic tape was put in the box
With the songs that would heal
The corrupt
Inspire love and romance,
Music that would be the chance
And be cherished

These were one of the gifts Eve Erdell
Held in her hand
Between her fingers
That could cast a spell
On the lonely and the hidden
To be ridden of pain.

A luxury that most would do almost anything to achieve,
Roll up your sleeves and let’s walk through the rooms,
Where the gold paintings are placed
Perfectly on the walls.

The glass windows to paradise in every view was the conclusion and a beginning
That was new to you
Birds singing and sipping and diving,
In opulent fountains.

The meadow had unruly flowers
But they always kept to

Scented air and flowing hair and
Dressed in fine silks
Some brocade and mother of Pearl

Never a facade in this barrage
Of the living.

No killing or spilling of blood
Just wine and mineral water
In chalices
No religion and no death

And all shelter from the tempests
A Immovable building
Disguised in

The scope of a
Inward glance where you can see the
past and the future but still
Outlast in your fortuitous stance

All of it was happiness.

No cost for this liberty
no one fell to their
No nature was torn
You are Free to undulate
Like the beauty of sea.

Eve erdell

You have me in your spell
If only my pen would tell
The world from my dream
The robes I wore
The laughter that
implored my tears.

Where was everyone off to?

This passage of purity is difficult to part with.

Whomever enters its scenery
The staircase that takes
You climbing upwards into the clouds

An azure that is proud
To surround you

With air so pure it would astound you,
Free falling while standing still
No purple or diamond pill

Only Spilling a soft warm rain
No faults cracking in your teeming

You have been saved while being
You are ageless
And will never expire
Immortality without sleep
I close this cover and from
My dream you will

The secrets we shall never speak.

Francis A Willey
Sept 14th 2022

(Eve Erdell)