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Unearthed artifacts
Beads in pockets
Head of Demeter
Ancient stones
African and Greek
Roman and Nordic
First people's

Muck and mud and wet linen
The bounty and the sacred law
Pushing water
Drawing back marble tiles
While history shows it's face

A shield and a helmet
For a photographic image
Filling in the gaps and returning
The pieces to where they were

History and the obligation to not let greed exceed the reward
Respect for the surfaces and
The spaces within the depths

Lining up the mythology
That was hoisted by bare hands
The earth giving birth
And the stories of each carved makers marking and fold
And the inner eye.

We must regard the cycles of life and death
To purify ourselves in a new Arcadia

The harvests will eventually
Become springs
And there will be
Renewal in the hearts
When we cherish the bounty
And carry the lack.

Shoulder the sorrow and
Embrace the joy
And travel light
Let the breath mingle
With the warm air
Without the burden of
What we have sacrificed.

The crane walks effortlessly on the wet earth
Effortlessly and carefully
Seeking only the Sustenance
To fill the void.

Francis a Willey
March 16, 2020

When I dreamt I found the Head of Demeter