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The sodden earth and the crooked path,
The life you forge with a heart in tact.
The pack of wolves and a murder of crows,
It's not what you find
It's questing for much more.

The door and the window
Hold one lovers dance.

They have never known
How the fates are the falling leaves in happenstance
And the spring breeze
And a summers kiss
And the winter named
Distress in a flowing
White dress.

Rest peaceful with one wise
Word of love.
Even if the dove is burdened
With peace in a forgotten song
And the wars push money in oil
And spoil the horn of plenty's
Arm and aim and hollow

oxen in mud
And trumpeter calling
The new dawn of a broken
Seeds and human shells
Ocean swells and bells that
Toll and book spines
That speak
Take only what you reap.

I Believe hope can
outweigh destiny
In the I am only one with a screen,
And fanfare lining up to
Cover up with makeup and
The real problems
Crawling in poverty

A babe rests in a perfectly
Folded blanket.

That has a mother that was once an
Sings a lullaby
To an innocent

88 goodbyes
And 77 losses
And 66 routes
Of fathers without purpose

And 55 mid life crisis's
And 44 forgotten services of the hearts

And 33 birds with wings outstretched
And 22 choirs bringing
11 wishes in harmony

And 1 note as a reminder
To to read this

Little Rayburn
Francis A Willey
December 25 2019
Christmas 11:33PM

Compromise to survive