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Courage is at play

(Weightlessly and spinning)

Defying acrobatics and gravity and air and earth and fear,
Leaping behind faith and twisting and turning beyond the tunnels
And the dark crawlspaces.

The catastrophes and the birthmarks and the apostrophes
And the laughter outweighing
The atrocities in a place where
We are together without commerce
Or cities.

Singing like a satellite adrift with joyful series of songs on repeat
Defeating all that pushed you down
And held you tightly to the ground.
A stringless
Balloon and the bird soaring
And the kite not knowing the gale
The fullness of sails
And the wing and a prayer.

The monuments of bronze and the stone monoliths stand in corners signifying those that were strong without despair.

The air is so quiet there is no need for any alarm.

The arm is outstretched and you grasp the rafters and the edges and the pipes and the knotholes

You have a song in your heart as you summersault and rotate and
Emanate a joyful series of notes while
Floating and propelling your bodies form in ways that are not the norm.

They exalt and gasp and cheer
Send out a melodious revere
Some exchange words of love
And hold each other tighter
While others stand close together
And shuffle about the corridors.
As you float lighter
Then an angel treading

Some do it all for the children
Some do these moves of super-heroics not to be legendary
But to display the molecules
Vibrating alongside the blood.

Some of the dearests may
Disappear in a cloud form
Or dangle off a spinning star
Some may seem galaxies away
As long as courage
It is at play.

Francis a Willey
March 19, 2020

Courage is at play (Weightlessly and spinning)