Film Photography > Poetry

Text me your emoji heart resonating like the glow of an 80's
Table top video game,
All quirky soundscape melody,
Bringing a real smile to my face.

Insert the calculated series of symbols that shape your emotions,
While life rushes in.

Social media maven,
Blogging the poem about the raven

The false news and fat blimps,
Orange has become the new hate

Bated by swiping away electronic tears
A dog sings along side a piano
Is it all golden.

Retriever of my feelings on my iPhone
The drone tries to take the snap shot
Of the dreamer pulling out real ink
To spill on paper.

Draped in a sunset light early evening attire,
The sounds of bass and hip hop
Well constructed reverberating
Off the traffic flow

I love you beyond emoticons
And comic cons and fanfare
And varieties of air in bundles
Gathering fragrances

From the overgrown wild flowers
Penned off by fences

This minute minuet of indelible
Smeared in all you revere

Pull me close without VR
Be a ceremony of tenderness
Be a river song for the drifters

Be one and only for the masses to
Kiss equally and inclusively
Secretly folded in these arms

The memories will fall upon timelines
And be liked over and over again
In scrolling images

But your lasting impression of new hope
Rests gently like a forest fawn
In lush moss

That won't be
Bulldozed over.

I love you beyond emoticons