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Startle the predator with an iridescent
Heart light in a vibrant blues rag
Tag on the toe
It's not too late to let go of hate.

I am white
I am part of indigenous
I am historical insidious
I am the plight on the decay
I am the golden river playing
A broken angels
song of forgiveness

Flight and escape from slavery
Ivory anchor
Into the dark

My zen tv - does it help me live freely and forget the ancestry
Of those that bled into the roots

Those that hung from trees
Without leaves?

I won't scribe ownership
On anything in this life
As all that I encompass is

My skin is permeable and flesh
Tears and bones break
And clothes rip
And the cup can be sipped
Or it can be slurped
Depending upon what you
Gage as self worth.

The diamonds can't shine without eyes
To your surprise
We are all even tide and bleed
The same vein on the same strain
With no one to blame but ourselves.

The history can't be wiped clear
This sight where you felt some scene would navigate you to a greater
Cause than giving thanks
And accepting the
Role you played in breaking the waves

From the mortal soil.

Francis A Willey
Oct 7. 2017

Receipt for a human being