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Great Dane and parking lot sunsets

The glue of the binding of the poetry book from 1973 has given way.

Pages slipping out like Houdini's escapes.

A Great Dane with pink nail polish
Stands idle at the doorway at the shopping centre
Proud with tits

Dusk is upon us but everyone is drone
Hovering over their phones.

My lover listens to heroes
On the internet radio screen
Of the high definition machine.

A baby sleeps more soundly
When Bowie became a lullaby
And a viral feed after death sage of
Future punk rock
Cyber automation
Claimed another

Anti- anime segregate refuge
Splitting atoms with
Projected sadness
Individual without a face.

International actress now becomes
The botanist
Because time is cheap
And most want oxygen
Over awards
And fanfare.

A hijab covers a woman's face at the mall
Design shop can lift the curtain
Chanel somehow wakes religion
And let's a proud woman
Be herself
Her husband
Usually keeps her on the

A man traces by her black sheet
Head to toe illusionist
To darkness
And a walking
Like prison

A loving man with 2 colourful balloons

For his children Led by
fine iridescent ribbons

A Gibbon monkeys cry

Freedom is the definition
That builds a wild.

There is Just

In wool
And a restless ghost

Shouldering the mossy


Jan3 2017

Great Dane and parking lot sunsets