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A Valuable soul

Can you place a price on a soul?
Is it like filling a hole with diamonds and gold?
And covering it with soil

And letting a millennial tree grow.

Reap or weep
Till or toil
How we move with love adds value to a soul.

The devil can't make deals as angels cannot protect you from

The light leaking from within

You must begin with truth and learn from all the falsehoods and losses
Bad decisions and incisions
Gratitude and suffering
Are brothers and sisters

Spinning in a circle.

The shroud is caught on a ragged post
And the mast raises a flag with holes
What we remember is in every touch
Especially the ones that don't leave
Immediate marks.

I will remember you for not the grace you had
Or how you spared the broken winged bird
I will remember you
For how you taught the child to whistle
To sing like a bird

Over all the burning timber.

Francis A Willey 2016

A Valuable Soul