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Straight laced jaguar

Street kid with the shaved icon of his credibility matching mortality
Symbols of broken skate boards
And pills like cross bones.

Cell phone case a spray can
For the memory train
Sexting the blue haired lady
She is Learning how to cut hair
So she is not strung out
And high

With no food in the fall.

The rattle rail and publicity
A torn tabloid of nonsensical writing
Graphic novel-Indecipherable 
Only societal fat news
No Reviews
No awards or stewards.

Just Stunts serving up hyped
Sex and rat race hashtags

In a maze of gold chains
Straight laced jaguar without baggage
Engaged to the remix.

Gang of one
Walking the platforms
Avenue to avenue Information lost highway
Devices on full tilt
Street performer on stilts

Guilty released reman without a concrete Plan.

Escaping the velocity Wire through music and hops
High tops and short talk, Digit legit with a speedball
Of slackademic academy of poker and gaming

Straining to begin the regime
one cut card at a time 
sublime losses

He holds his teenage lover with His 80's vinyl under his arm
And does not care that the bombs are falling

Because his life is so strong

The friends that leave us fill our hearts with ambrosia and mysterium
Like An sanctum of albino Bears as spirit Animals
Keeping a tribe in quest
The stars constellations in a flashlight 
Cross over faction and tactile like youth

They drift highway to the next
Ride with me love, he says
Feel the breeze
Be free
Be with me.

Francis A Willey

Straight laced jaguar