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The truth you share
Can beauty compare

to clean air?

let’s meet soon and go for a stroll and lay down by the river on a blanket with holes and torn parts

and as friends hear the ages-

the ripples on the rocks or the noise eliminating all the hearts of others
In pain and ill repair.

Let the surges tongue slip into the rapids

Someone will always be vapid
A viper
A course without a cause

Someone Sees love for the first time
Like a baby spanning the mothers

Someone vapes
Someone escapes
Someone lusts
Blood on bricks

Lineage on a list

Someone hesitates
But the rocks are always


The monolith is celebrated more than a

memorial stone

A golden submarine is not not a

when so many tilt
against the wind

Where does humanity lean it’s ear

Where is the fanfare I fear?

Does money make a mark or smear

The robots mascara

Is this the insipid moment where

All the Chanels are in flux

A rag soaks the blood faster
Than the silk

Francis A Willey
July 4 2023

I Miss the beauty