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(the parallels)

Maybe all this will pass?

It won’t be your last chance,
To find another way to love
In this happenstance.

A torn paperback
With its pages all loose
Dispersing in the streets

One page meets your feet
It’s the final scene on
chapter nine

Even with all the damages
You’ve Always been an
Impervious sea

A litany of feeling
Words and collages and music

For everyone’s low
You are the ceiling
The cosmos

A containment field for other peoples

Moving in the initial motion,
Against the pouring rain

Don’t be the dormant

You have always been worth more than
One billion grains of sand

Be The most precious diamond…
On the distant strand.
For others to stand with

(Part 2)

On a certain day

a hesitation dance plays

A faded radio dial is turned
Bakelite curves
And you you twist out what
was been woven inside
In the music playing

Transverse waves
You are


No matter what anyone says
You rotate everything into the the chorus

Close your eyes and feel the sound waves
Arms outstretched to the parallels

with this decisiveness
Of feeling


As the gift of touch is an effervescent healing
Fingers moving through the air

Wildflower petals drift and fall against your rainy

Drop drop
Mirror pool

A pond in silence
Helps you
begin anew…

Heron blue
heron blue

Francis A Willey
June 2023

The parallels