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( The Stair races )

Participating in the stair races for the golden tree lapel pin
From the military regime
But the 17 year old kid beat me by

As we age we wage a war on ourselves
When the youth see everything as without a door
Liberty in every movement
Improvements in the
Not having a adversary

We are our own opponents
We need rewards to exceed
our abilities
To care more deeply
Universal breathing

They tried to put me on hold
Confined me in their ideas of the quarters of the mind
I saw the star blinding light of freedom
Beckoning me

The last days of reckoning
On the street of destiny
Where the gold escalator takes you
To the pearly gates
Regret and hate diners
With dirty dishes

The true escape into paradise
is the living gardens
The nature surrounding us
Stewards to the soil is the richness
Our habitat in tact

I was always being mislead
By others dread and the distraction in the self prophesied destruction
trip switches

Escapist networks

Instead of crossing off the list
my listlessness and longing

The sun is not lazy

It’s solar flares wiped out all communications
So others could finally see and speak to
One another

We finally were free of the machines
That unravelled all


Francis A Willey
June 20th 2023

The stair races