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Siri on strike

Siri is on strike
Chat gpt is now your new CEO
Yahoo was given back to the cowboys
The indigenous own all the water and the casinos

Your the box maker now
Walking to the conveyor belt
The robots have you kneeling
Because they watched all the Bruce Lee movies
And repeat the scene on human conditioning
Of the body

I exclaim in the mirror in the android institution
Play Beethoven for me Siri or a sympathetic symphony

The robot arm gives me my meds and lifts me into bed
Inserts a neural link anaesthetic

On the bottle it’s says
A slow piano piece
Adagio for

You have a stack of AI ID cards that you make in the common room in your white gown

They let you watch TV
It’s just a hologram from a memory you had as a kid

The nurse is nice
She’s from Boston dynamics
She talks often about her aunt Sophia the robot

They insert your laughing as a laugh track as
You are not allowed to speak

A chimpanzee is the grounds keeper

You borrow his pen to
Write your name
Secretly over and over and over again

Francis A Willey
April 2023

Siri on strike