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Don’t watch the dread or pharma police
Shooting pills

Or disease
The lethargy and have not
Let the energy be the idol of your healing

The band name is not the redundants
Do it for the fun of it
Re- string your backbone

The dog needs a gold puffy coat as well
While it walks in your opulence of wealth

Or maybe the coat of living is enough
For us all
A shelter
A calm

Material for warmth
Ghost or metaphor
The cipher
Of sensitivity

Character and scenes and all the anti matter
AI disguise kit covering

She exclaimed too many red lights in this town.
Keeps me stopping and sipping coffee alone till 3am

The cat took the whole snack
We are slightly in tact and upright
And agile

Taste the void
Don’t avoid your passions

Love till the billows break

Francis A willey

Invest in the living