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Train violin across the silver rails
The soundtrack for the art dealer
With the slender fingers
Skeletal hands on a desk
Fine linen paper
Embossed with wax
Seal of a name

The undead rise in erlton
Stumble down the street
While a sentient being shaves off his stubble
The dog with the drone stole the script

Vampire cellos broken as the trains connect and the mausoleums fall
Oh the black umbrella fodder

The broken ring in the finger
Cuts deep the forlorn Lover
Chaste moments
If only they met me more often
Instead of hair
Bursting from my body
Under the moon

A VHS tape of a hammer horror film
Horror of Dracula.
She tries to take the victim
And the vampire stops her
From killing

On the other side of town
Someone high on bath-salts
Runs collider- full warp into
A pick up truck
The glass shatters in the meridian

The hitcher
Jumps out of the way
His derelict backpack
Spills tangerines and nectarines
And blood

On the highway line

Francis A willey
September 15th 2022

Maybe I can sell my art to the undead