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Smile pills put into the ingredients
Recipe pages and words of praise posted notes everywhere
Soft loads and brittle croissants
Bakery in an industry area

I am giving it all away to the strays
The vagabonds and the travellers
The foreign and the women
With plump lips
Believing it is all tasty samples
Laughter from the hip

The galvanized cages hold the stacks
Of baguettes and French bread
The distant cliff sides have the

Tear a piece
The earth is a temporary

Some crusts are softer and some fragile and some thick and dark
The bark of humanity should not be torn away
But shared and savoured
Body of the bread

Placed into the palm
Clear the demons from your

The bins are almost empty in the paradise bakery
The owner is arriving and returning shortly and
The final bill is in the thousands

The worker bee with an apron
Of flour didn't know it should be all at a price
This living has a cost as long as you rise to the occasion

Share the water and the parts that are significant
while breathing and bubbling and baked into existence

The oldest food should be free
Like the unveiling of the sun
On the dark horizon of a new day

The yeast is our vigour
To be placed upon the table
For all to break equally

To laugh and cry and learn
From the significant seconds
Falling crumbs

Until we are the residue upon the rocks of history
Wrapped in the stories that
Carry the warmth of love

Made by the hands
And never forgotten.

The bread dream