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Strngth in fragility
Strength in fragility
35mm film

-Strength in fragility -

Angels arrive at the great hall
To take the desolate and lost and lonely and broken to the oasis
To bathe the bodies
The spirits
Squeezed out of the rags
Of insignificance.

They wait till the solar flares
Reflect off the wings of the cosmos
Before the derelict bodies
Are washed in
Spring water
Dolphin songs
Sea turtles returning upon ocean sands
Butterflies showboating
And children running wild

With paper wings
For the sake of innocence.

The bell jar is a shape
It catches soul smoke and curved
Arcs of the moon
Lost and lonely fireflies
In a dirty jar

Fireflies sing a hymnal that
Attracts innocence to moss
And a softer life
Strength in fragility
Bones bending for forgiveness
Tendons aching and swelling
For mercy

There is a crown shape in the clouds
Imagination is the hierarchy

The poets deposit fragments of dust and loss and gold leaf
Brittle stars
Sunset gilding
The spinners spin to the spiders

The wheels turn in the dark
Some pull their mortal shelves
From the starkness
The book bindings bend or break
Everyone feels they have a stake
Or want to escape to paradise

The eyes that seek no shame
The heart that casts no blame
The shadow that remained as

A permanent stain

The berries on the branch
And heavens token is
The dove and the raven
Sharing the

Francis a willey
December 13 2018

For Elisa