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What is the meaning of this life?
What is the meaning of this life?

To have it all or nothing at all.
To feel the seconds or regret the


Suffrage or freedom of never suffered?

Giving purely of the heart

Or giving because of necessity
The fault is in the line that fractured
Deepens in distance and depth.

There is no feeling of a soul
Without the lack within it’s housing.

Where is loves shelter within the arms that know only longing
Or the willingness to try to impart the accumulative romances and hurt

As your prescription to
Be the salve or splint or bandage
Or brace to stand closer to another

Human beings wounded heart

Where do we begin to find peace

The right row or road to navigate
The right sail to unravel
To set a course with a compass that is the directional eyes looking

Within ourselves

Here are the turnstiles of our days
The elevators of our dreams
The evaluator of tears
The fear in pilot less balloons

Losing shape and height

Plight is the equalizer.

Francis A Willey 2018

June 12th (for those who battle depression)

Plight is the equalizer