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Peacock posturing

Who has the nicest feathers made of money?
Is the red carpet clean enough for the falling tears?
The failing years that was the epilogue for fame
The camera flash is not as bright as your galaxy teeth
The press can't keep up with your escapes into ritualistic scripts
The stylist is late and your latte drips
The Chihuahua has the runs and your louboutins are stuck on gum.

Your crown makes you bleed on your purse that looks like a bible

It's all a crumbling Tower of Babel

Go gets laid
Go get paid and spread wider than an oyster
So the Ibiza sun can tickle your pearls

Lay in a bed of equal thread count beyond a blind embroiderer toil

Who laboured to stitch a sorrowful note of rescue under a tag in Braille

The factory can't keep up with the tabloids and trash heaps

The phones erect like oblivion idols

Cherubs can't pee!

In fountains when they are filled with plastic and fake nails
Postcards of dirty mansions

They wail like quails at the champagne table while the head mystic unveils the latest mode of meditation that can keep you still for 3 seconds

Crucifixion, benediction, drag fake semblance and post apocalyptic face transplanted saviour

Gay sailor talking to the comedian

It's all glory, glitz and glamour
The soft armour of sheltering gorillas and elephants to say you stand for humanity
As you yell at the grounds keeper for trimming the fat off the hedges

Francis A Willey
May 7 2018

Humility is not made of gold