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Inner lights


INNER LIGHT-production
One may light an inner light from us once, and then other lights will not be needed. (J. V. Gete)

Can we experience a theater without sight? The unusual concept of "Inner Light" denies this sense, and the audience of the scene "observes" using all the other observations. Everybody in the audience carries a blind eye, which is all equal and placed in the position of blind and visually impaired people.
As a medium, the theater relies heavily on all our senses. Through them the spectator receives various messages and signals from the scene, and the actors try to create an emotion that will bridge the gap between the imaginary world of the scene and the real one on a "safe" distance, among the audience centers. The performance "Interior lights" breaks down several standards. The observer becomes part of the scene and is an active participant in everything that takes place on it. The observer becomes the main actor in the performance that takes place around him and "just" for him. In addition to this barrier, another important theatrical dogma is being destroyed. The observer uses all the senses apart from one, hearing the sight. "Inner lights" turn this "handicap" into an advantage, and the viewer "observes" the play through all the other senses. This extremely interactive performance is signed by Vladislav Nesic, who through work with blind people came to the material that turned into an experimental trip on the scene.