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In the bank parking lot there is a series of broken rainbows
Addiction a hole of stickiness
And unsavouriness

She's sitting on the pavement in a grey hoody with a charcoal matchpatch attempting to
Burn her name into faux leather
Tethered to the addiction
A self destruction hack

Caravaggio book under my arm
From the free book bin
I pass by one of the homeless twins
Pushing her portable grocery cart

I photographed her and her sister way back when
Before my house fire
I say 'give my regards to your

The theft into oblivion is thick with
Shattered lives and fractured
Leaving and unsettling circumstances.

Transparency to the outside
World which is imploding
Like a match sticks
Lost ember.

Francis A Willey
Oct14th 2017

Smoking crack through a roll of lifesavers