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----Sharkskin suit and loose lady---

jack last straw
burning low
Last hand of cards in a throw in
Last one standing when the blood pooled past the inn keeper

Gun smoking chamber and unsheathed knife
Death in August
Obliterates the fast pages
Of non- sensical news
Concrete crimson

One last bullet in the chamber
For a name he won't remember
Shell casing falling
Snow cap
Plastic blanket
Unknown sleeper

Just a heroin high rolling machine

Tailor to taking out the death
Cuffing the jaw of a glass machine
Fake identity theft
The Dope dealing brother
In the Shark skin suit
That flew the coop
On cell block 49
In his eyes holds the

Dealing cards at the casino in Reno
Suave velvet coat and your mystic lady on your arm
Reading cards for real estate
No taste for high society

Stolen tires turning
For a non existent hot
Rod with a flame detail
Skull tattoo with a lily
Under a nightshade
Nightmare kissing a salmon

Motel grid line of cocaine
On comment cards
And stories of doing time
What is your sign
Under a blazing
You can't run.

Loose ladies
Spreading on diamonds
Or hood ornaments
Men wanting sex
Or high tech stakes
Bat bate on the dark
Winged black
Dented hate.

Bet on red
Now that jacks dead
Empty bottle
Syringe in spoon
25 copies of lord
Emperor of dune
Pages curbed

Done a bad thing
Carved the turkey too deep
For chortling like a heroin
Called the cops on suite 39
Just before I was to dine on
Tiny pears
A Paris whore
Who walked through the wrong

29 and a 3rd boob job
To secure a low moving flat
Sports car
Land genie
All smoke and fear
Tears on a crocodile

Butterfly lands in front of broken glass
Gas pooling like rainbows
Fragility in the escape
We almost grasp.

Knife in the song
Slow bleed
Need before want
They live at exceed
Seed bomb
Sex trickle
Mantle of fashion

Undone garments
Zipper eyes
Clasp zipper lips
Slip into a destroyed

Francis a Willey
Sept 14 2012

Sharkskin suit and loose lady