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My mother June asked me for slippers for Christmas
The new slip on kind with grips on the bottoms
While the bottom of the world is falling out
I tell the mechanics at the end of the driveway trying
to fix
A car that won't move
The leg bone is connected to the knee

I believe in family and love
But mine is a damaged dove
Holding a fake lily made of silk
Upon a perfect lawn
Of scattered leaves

I polish my mothers glasses
So she can drive me to my younger
I won mother VLT
When love does not equate
To money

The useless radio fills the damaged
Plus the plush bee with giant eyes next to the car freshener
A butterfly holding the smile

Life adds pressure and softness
In fractured love
It's 2:31 PM in October
And the commercial
Is enticing all the drivers
To buy
Lottery tickets for an
Easier day.

Pumpkin lattes are free today at 7-11
But does anyone really

Does age enslave us to the past
Is the present fuller than the moon

My mother pitches in about the Canadian derby that she went to
As the country music plays
Her friend terry gave her gloves
My mother likes to look at the horse
To see what it looks like
If they are good
Not by the names

She loves horses
Flowing manes
It always brings her back to
When slippers were

francis A Willey
October 11 2017
For June Willey
My mother

My mothers slippers