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The wisp of the shroud over the crowd
The phantasm of the rising action
That was portrayed by the actors
In anticipation of paradise
Beyond the ending grasses

They scored the music that could only be played in dreams.

Eyes collapsing like the shutters on a street windows, false feelings in the architecture.
Where the rain wiped the dust and
Ashes away from bricks and stones.

Here in the song
Miles away beyond the prairies
They gathered to emulate
The longing of the ghost

The most you have ever felt all at
But was it enough?

This silt between your toes
And sand as reminders of time
Slipping as the candles
Expulsion into breathing
moves into the Capillaries and
Hollows of nostrils

48 kisses that were coloured
Chalk smearing
Red ghosts
Blood letting
Wine spilling
Pulsations in veins


It is pictured-

The red ghost on the sandstone
Holy places
Fade into wisps
Phantom meditations,

Trail of the fragile stops
Phantom released
Spectral embrace

And they still haste as
Wild as the wind.

Francis A Willey
August 26, 2017

Anticipation of paradise