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+Homeless lady eats like a bird+

A lease on life for the least of strife,
A pushed over shopping cart
Because the weight is so great.
A fight between two staggering drunks
Who’s goin’ to push the haul to get drunk?

They dig for food in the Safeway garbage bin
A laugh or two on the edge of the empty parking
He stands next to his true love
Through thin and thin
In the scavenger streets where the sharks swim
The loose feathers fly from the frost bitten red skin

Homeless lady eats like a bird.

Still they cuddle in their love nest of torn
Cardboard and soiled plastic bags
Cinder block headboard
Yellow parking rail bedrails.

A pillow of frozen generic peas
On princess street
Where the single mink collar professionals
Drink their old world wine
And dine on exotic peppered elk and cheese.

A billow of cool breeze in the torn down coats
Wakes the parking lot sleepers at dawn.

The cutthroat supreme
The lime in the stream
The whore venting at the dealer
While the junkie
Screams like a rooster.

Francis A Willey
January 30 2009

Homeless lady eats like a bird