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Longing of a Ghost
Longing of a Ghost
35mm B+W Film Photograph. Fibre Print

Longing of a ghost © Francis A Willey
All rights reserved

'The Ghost series'

is his journey into the psyche and soul and shroud of humankind. Based on his personal experiences, visitations with ghosts and angels, spectral beings. He is deeply fascinated by historical textiles and fabrics and uses these materials to wrap and adorn the body.

His reconciliation with life and the afterlife, He folds in a chiaroscuro fashion textiles, that live upon the skin to enhance the shadow. The lighting used would be reflective of the bursts that startled the dark.
Expressed with 35mm B&W film.

His search with the ideologies of immortality and mortality, soul or spirit. Clarified in the beginning as an empirically unfounded belief structure, hence an illusion illustriously presented as light and form floating before his eyes, then emblazoned on film to understand faith and the doctrines of the living.