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Holographic eyes don’t cry
Look deep in to the nebula
Stardust and the blues
When the world is so far removed.

Death on a telephone,
Memorials in the Nova
Grieving is a black hole,
A celebration of life is the

galaxy soul.

Sometimes I don’t think it’s real
When the ones
we love are gone.

A gong on a lone balcony
When the wind shifts through the
Hair and the brinks and the

Brink of despair

Be strong for others
even in weakness.

When one departs
They are on a extended

holiday in paradise.

You see them in a comets tail,
Or a meteor shower
Or the overflowing bower of flowers


Ring of light
Tunnel of love
Never broken

Circle around me in this dance of life
Pull me close,
Share breath with me
Sustain me,

Hold me tightly
Before I fade into the mystery.

Francis A Willey
August 18th 2023

Holographic eyes don’t cry