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Where did the world go wrong?
When the corruption sold you their favourite song?

When the naked was in an alley wrapped in a
Heap of packing bubbles
Floating in hell.

While the gold was weighed and the mudslide slayer
Pushed a house
Into a river.

We’re you a survivor
A survivalist
A shield for the young
The unsung wordless

The fear surveyor
A conveyer of broken crosses
Where the clergy
Dug desire into a cryptic


Snap the bread and body in half
An epitaph before anyone would even take their life

Because the safety net in heaven
Couldn’t cradle you
As you fell through.

Is the only thing that
Gives a space for truth

And this
Unshaken and unfounded word
Or phrase

Not yet touched by the misgiving hand.

Francis A Willey
July 26 2023
Sinéad O’Connor

Where is our protest songs?