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You can buy a Singapore Lego set from a vending machine at the Las Vegas airport.

Build your own escapist realism
Brick by brick

While someone uses the courtesy phone
And calls home to say they gambled it all
away before they hit the yellow road.

All the celebrities on the billboard eating cake pops
Enticing some trapeze heart to swing into
The rainbow of fame.

At the sugar factory
They keep stirring the pot
Elixir to fill the void.

Someone plays a Willy wonky slot machine for a chance
At gold chocolate brink
That melts under
a Nevada sun

Most are on the brink of bankruptcies
Or buyouts
Or massaging the pit boss

And spinning bow ties
That mystifies
At no cost to the viewer.

Don’t sell your soul on the tram

It has a blue sheet of plastic that is
Textures to give you deeper sense
Of touch

A sail quiver in the car rental line
Everyone wasting time in the wind
Not shooting the breezes.

Every time we toast life
We say trim your

Disheveled for everyone’s safety

Rebel guidelines
Neon kitten claws
In the 80’s upholstery

Or drag billboards with endless

Emergency hatch on the roof

Of the delay to paradise

Your taking her to the casting call
The soundstage is a destination

To give it all up

A free upgrade to mid size

When the world is large enough.

Francis A willey
March 29 2023
Las Vegas

You keep this place relevant with your rich personality