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Marvin Kee

As I write this, the sparrows sing in the foliage
Outside my southern window
And the trees quiver with their ruffled
Feathers and closenesses in presence.
Branches to branches leaping and
Overlapping wings outside the sorrows

Buoyant in fearlessness
Bass lines
Resonators of the spirit.

You were a father and caregiver to a community,
A sage with a warrior soul
You loved cinema and funk
Your humour and wild mind would give space for others to express more freely, you wanted nothing in return but being part of their melody.

You careened the spaces in-between
Cutting sunbeams and illuminating a room.
You were a friend, a companion of kindness to those who needed advise and you never held any vices.
You were more than a maker of music,
That would be the blanket for so many ears

Curling into the the sounds of the bands unified

So many deep rhythms to fathom
Taking away others fears with lightheartedness
Or a smile.

You created a safety net for the dreamers swimming in these sounds and truths
Elevating the consciousness of a heart that can carry another heart.

The music now has a new inspiration
That will gather in all the rooms

And the next musician will feel a wider field
In anticipation

A piece of you, when the illumination
Presents itself as inspiration.

We are all a part of a part
A whole without a hole in the world,
Planting new seeds of the crescendos

A place where we find new hope and stories
And memories
And continue with the pieces you shared
In this beauty of how

To touched lives without expectations.

Francis A Willey
March 14 2023
for my friend Marvin Kee


Marvin Kee