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All we do is fall endlessly in love
With everything around us.

The birds and the trees and the faces in between
The audience always is blending with the stage.

The two roles are

We keep changing wardrobe and scenes to
Fit others needs,
Not thinking it’s all for ourselves
The way we treat ourselves make us more

Beautiful or vulnerable.

Strength is in the conviction of truths,
No proof needed to be sung
Privately in the sound booths.

Where did he go?
Probably back to Cartier
Where did she go?
To all the places she truly knows,
Where the love is the real gold.

The spotlights keep missing their marks
They never have a hold on our freedom
The leaning onto one another is the reason.

We are here,
To build empathy like a symphony rise

To pull you out of the pit of despair
To make you invincible inside
The tight knots that bind us together.

Hand grasping another’s wrist
Before they fall
Uplift and extend your voice to a greater

The screens are all blinking and eyes are
Sinking into the false shrines of an entertainment
That is lacklustre and callous.

False palaces and hype money,
Humour as the lure
Fashion as the bate
You have no chance in the hesitation
Dance of fate.

While the world is crumbling and lives are lost,
At what cost can you fill all the empty rooms?

While the most vacant room is behind your eyes.

Poetry is magic and unveils what is most tragic and pure and the songwriters song helps you revere the meaning and hold it nearer.

The singer throws it out to the cosmos
Layered in stars, and tears and all that is darkness finally enters the light.

The video nears its end
And the watchers spread out and away.

We sit on the hillside and talk about
What means the most to us

Family and the air itself
Light fading on another face

What we can do that breaks down the illusion
The questions

Oh the questions
That keep the passion

Building a love reaction.

Francis A Willey
(for Yolanda Sargeant)
(from a dream)
Feb 17 2022

People always think it’s all on us, but the heart breakers are the cheaper citizens