Film Photography > Poetry

If your phaser is on stun
Don’t be shy if you love me.
Put it on vaporize
Striking images in the wrong places
Film buff in the rough.

He wants an AI date with someone else
The shelf that fell into the dirt that spilled

Talk show formats
Cliff hanger becomes the new comedy.

There is this bit
Called The small antagonizer

The mischief annihilation
The slip stream shroud

An organizer all folded
like Ghosts on film.

The video footage of the moon
You keep putting up posters to fill the gaps.

Are you an espionage millionaire?

Mrs Smoke and mirrors

Bereavement Beauty
of 2023.

Not consumed
Not feared
not tear smeared
or take two
for the reels spinning
off the spools.

At the table
It’s live multiverse
And lost ID and a split purse

Parted lips
This one’s for all of us

You put a good spin on the organism
This one in ecstasy is for a name that
Is not my lover

A gurney that is fashionable
Your desert island playlist

What is the sand
What is the dirt
on the character developing?

I heard Merle haggard and Elvis and Etta
While the truckers finches flew free

Everyone would order
The teenage angst burger

On desolation avenue,
Damn this next tid bit is tasty and delightful.


Kill me in your cosplay