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The landscape had troughs that were cut out in the hillside.

A wildfire in the divots caught flame and was spreading across the dug out lanes.

I told everyone to get sand from the beach to extinguish the flames,
Buckets to the brims
Granular stars
Eliminating the
curling heat.

They say showbiz and scenarios
Can be a hot topic or a cool snake

Weaving the avenues of the mind
Each joke has to land right

For magicians it’s slight of hand
The marvel and the gasp to command
The impossibility cloak

The Mirrors that make you
Evaporative into the

She says I only want 1000
A day if you want my work on the stage

Make sure you bring that tiny T-shirt made of Tin.
Flat iron thin on a little hanger for the laughter.

This one will be a Segway to transform you in a in-between away

I picked the hot ripe peppers
From the vine and the sublime
Took hold.

The Curtain rose to the spectators sitting and gasping in rows
The music climaxing in the awe wave and the ecstatically charged air
Shifted time itself.

Hair rising on your arms when the songs were
All of this for the showbiz
To create the journey for the lost on the edge of their seats
Gripping the fabric threads of the chairs Upholstery with chipped nails

The performers always in a state of a pep talk
The stage lights and laser spinning slicing the chalky air

The projection screens
Delivering the prologue
To add to the tension.

The invisible lines attached to the backs of the aerialists
So they could hoist your dreams on the backs of angels.

Set you free from the monotony
The TVS at that moment
Went to white noise.

The velvet pleats shook and the gasps of the crowd
When the curtain fell

It was known this would be the first time you’d see
The magnificent thorn of the desert rose

An illusionist from the Nile
Egyptian goddess with a pet

Named lynx.

The music and magic sinks through the skin
And the time flies out the doors
Implored once again
By what you felt began where you left everything behind.

The lines in the sand
The fury of the land
The raging sea within
And the hot blazing sun reflecting
The bent images of the world

Upon the tilted lens.

Spicy Tomato