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Everyone is not allowed to connect
Shift through rooms and slide across hardwood and touch.

The ones that know they were meant for one another, are always held apart,

At a arms length.

Once you find out
the distances become greater

Like being years in the same building.

Floor under roof, and roof under floor,

Implored in your hearts

But never crossing paths

In any moment.

Segment by segment, of time lost in a smile,

That repeats in your mind.

You want to embrace but are forbidden to.

Then you are told you have to go now,

And never see see each other again.

The cassette tape keeps playing,

But all the magnetic tape is coming

Out while the music moves forward.

this is the farewell


The melody that is never forgotten

Always in the back of your mind.

You can even remember the warmth

Of the textile from the embrace
time that was so short before.

The smooth silk against cotton

Two different transfer points.

Meeting finally and fitting

Even though of a different threads,

Melting together.

I dreaded seeing you move through

The open window ,

And our eyes catching each other

We even had to exchange cats

And that was as close as we

could get.

Forbidden love

Forgotten past,

The mighty moment that

Slips away.

Reminders in useless

Objects that are spectacles

Without vision or


Your kiss still has a place on my face.

Real estate

Shaded Relief maps.

The finger press against my neck of your hand

Opening to cup my shoulder blade

Covering the shadows within.

If I could persuade time to

Burn all the clocks,

Would you still be there with me in this reminiscence and instance now?

(From a dream)

We are all just going somewhere with no destination really