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AI generated identity

Artificial intelligence takes your photographs and makes variations of you in history.

Different faces to fulfil a fantasy

So you can apply a greatness

To a boring life.

Post it on social media and say

I am from the 17th century

I am royalty or I am the Mona Lisa

I am timeless

I am not a pawn

I am a queen.

Someone makes themselves more self


To take a chunk out of mental illness

a new beginning

Scrolling the time away

To hide from my

real self.

The drag queens are doing it

the comedians and the shut ins and the extroverts are making personal digital


The hurt and the impenetrable,

Are feeling more immeasurable

Everyone’s creativity erased

By the mimicry

To erase mediocrity.

Replicated robot-art

Magic avatars

Of you effortlessly

Collecting user data

To sell you on the side.

Identity stock markets

Heavier pockets,

The poor have deeper hollow sockets

Dug out eyes and replaced

With AI.

Lens Ahhh to make you more friends

A rendered likeness

So please

Open the app to fill the gap.

You are now a super hero and more stylish

Almost Billie Eilish

You are now famous

Mystical and sci fi

An artistic rendition

Fearless in 4K.

Click on me and set me free.

Instead of loving me.

You can now be Aphrodite

or something sexy.

Watch me be Rendered 100 times

Maybe 200 versions of me

might be enough-

To fill someone’s cup.

See me more sublime

See me meaningful for the very first time

Am I familiar and


I only have a 7 day trial

To help me identify with myself

With less denial.

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I’m now viral

After a pandemic

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AI generated identity