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I’m Kinda broken but the brain is still good
More tactile and true than a body could ever
Give me the strength.

I am Holding everyone’s face in the room
Like I have seen an another angel or some deity reflected in every catch light of the eyes.

every sentient that has exchanged the gift of time with me

The Memory vaults.

Apprehension beyond the origin
Rooted into self

The body can be electric
Spark plug twisted
Do the carousel
Do the red top
Do the mountain peak

Don’t speak of your journey so lightly as you turn through time
Until you have gone through the passage
Is my end at the beginning?

Dance and burn every light out under the strand,
That dangles under heaven

The first of counties patterns that constitute
The cosmos

So many tear up while cutting onions
Our Sharpest knives always out
Objects as a condition for unveiling
Creative unity from the
conscious mind and that of character
And caring.

But why are we not legions of mercy?

Because we often cry alone?

Wept in bereavement of pieces
And places staggering
Chiseling away the body
To reveal a radiant soul?

The telephone falls -while someone cries out
Jumping to its rescue
Before it hits the pavement
While another human falls to the earth
Bound by loss and loneliness and mental illness
Engulfing the chaos
The despairing soul tossed into

Please catch me in your arms
While I sink into the unknown
Beyond the rough surfaces lies inner beauty

Pull me in
I Plummet like a stone

Rescue me

Terrestrial life is so unstable in its transfiguration of love.

Francis A Willey
August 1, 2022

--Chiseling away the body To reveal a radiant soul