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The stars command your eyes but first, the fire quells the poems

The earth between your fingers

They linger in a love song a little longer for the seed between the furrows

Because everything is a vista with

Sentiment pulling out the weeds.

The moment your mind is the pen and the ink

Is also under the sea

An octopus writing 8 poems

For infinity.

Then you gaze into the cosmos and someone asks you

I’d love forever?

Does love bring all the renewal of the spring?

Does an opening blossom open when a new babe is born?

Is innocence a part of pure love

Or does innocence keep everyone?

In check

Loving more and collapsing


You look out at see a part of the Milky Way you

Heard before on an 80’s song

You belong to breath and to a source

Canyon wind and Joshua trees

A breeze less nefarious because the world heals

When you cut the mortal coil.

Bluebells and ocean swells,

The bell that tolls and the bell the rings on a bicycle and the basket of flowers

Is a bouquet being delivered?

To a funeral.

The ephemeral and the magic

Deep breathing and the everlasting.

And tragic

The stars but first the fire